Wednesday, January 16, 2008



胡引用的"中国在能够输出价值观之前,不会成为一个大国"一语不知出自何典,虽由一个弱女子说出来,却是振聋发聩。 吴澧找到了撒切尔夫人在《治国之道》一书中意思相近的一段话,摘录如下:
The threat from China is real. But we must not lose sight of its true nature. We do not now face, and we are most unlikely in the future to face, a challenge from China of the kind posed by the Soviet Union during most of the Cold War. This is partly because China is not a military superpower... But it is also because China has no internationally contagious doctrine which it can use in order to advance its power and undermine ours. The days when mindless students could be found waving Little Red Books and chanting Mao's banalities have long gone. China today exports televisions not ideas. And when it imports our secrets it does so courtesy of Westerners' venality not their misguided idealism.


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