Sunday, December 26, 2010

Everyday Idioms

1. I dread to think 我不敢想象 (=I hate to think)
I dread to think what my father will say when he hears that I crashed his car.

2. easier said than done 说得容易做到难

3. I'm easy! 我随便。(=I'm not bothered.)
"Would you like tea or coffee?" "I'm easy! I'll have what you're having."

4. for goodness sake 我的天哪,表达震惊或生气

5. in all honesty 说实话
You can certainly apply for the job, but, in all honesty, I don't think you'll get it.

6. you could always 你可以随时,用于给别人建议
If you need a place to stay tonight you could always have our spare room.

7. Fat chance! 休想吧!用于非正式场合,认为某事没有可能性
"Do you think that the boss would let us leave early to watch the football match?" "Fat chance!"

8. I haven't the foggiest (idea) 我可不知道 (=I haven't the faintest)
"How often do the trains run to the city?" "I haven't the foggiest! I always go by car."

9. give or take 或多或少差不多
It's 300 kilometers to the city, give or take a kilometer or two.

10. you never know 世事难料,说不定

11. Not on your life! 当然不了!
"Would you like to help with the garden?" "Not on your life! I hate gardening."

12. Tell me about it! 可不是嘛!强调赞同某人是见解,通常因为有相似经历
"Rents in the town seem very high!" "Tell me about it! Most of my salary goes on rent."

13. not anywhere near 根本不,用于强调否定语气
I've not done anywhere near enough work to pass the exam.

14. believe it or not 信不信由你

15. fancy 用于表达惊奇
Fancy the boss giving an extra day's holiday at Christmas! He's usually so mean!

16. heaven knows 天晓得,用于强调所不知道的事 (=goodness knows)

17. talk about 说到,谈及,用于强调要表达的内容
Talk about stupid! My new assistant can't get anything right.

18. there is nothing to touch 没有什么能比得上
There is nothing to touch a glass of chilled white wine on a really hot day.

19. Wonders will never cease! 总有奇迹出现,真是不可思议,用于表达惊讶
Wonders will never cease! We're getting quite a large pay rise this year.

20. If you ask me 如果你问我的话,用于给别人意见的场合
If you ask me the drunk driver should have gone to prison.

21. Talk of the devil! 说曹操曹操到!
Talk of the devil! We were just saying that we hadn't seen you for a long time.

22. Funny you should say that! 没想到你也这么说!

23. that's news to me 这个消息我怎么不知道
"Apparently they're building a huge new office block near the public park." "That's news to me and I live in that area."

24. Too true! 太对了!
"I think we all deserve a day off." "Too true! We've been working overtime for weeks now."

25. it's beyond me 这我可不懂
It's beyond me how Anne puts up with her husband's rude behaviour.

26. Dream on! 继续做梦吧!用于告诉某人某个想法不切实际 (=In your dreams!)

27. That's a first! 太不可思议了!
"Jane was the first to arrive at the party." "That's a first! She's usually late."

28. too good to be true 哪有那么好的
I thought that I had won the lottery last week, but it was too good to be true. I had read the numbers wrongly.

29. That's all I need! 我受够了!真倒霉!

30. So what's new? 这有什么新鲜的呢?用于强调你并没有觉得意外

31. Speak for yourself! 别替我作主,这只是你的一家之言
"The lecture on local history was very boring." "Speak for yourself! I found it very interesting."

32. Don't hold your breath! 别抱太大希望!(=Don't get your hopes up.)

33. Wouldn't you know it? 你知道吗?更麻烦的是……用于暗示出人意料且给你带来麻烦的事
Wouldn't you know it? I decided to drive to work today for an early appointment and the car wouldn't start.

34. Isn't that just like the thing? 居然发生这样的事?用于暗示不好或不该在某种情况下发生的事
Isn't that just like the thing? The boss wanted to see me early this morning and for the first time ever I was late.

35. Roll on something! 希望某事赶快来临!
Roll on Friday! I'm going on holiday.

36. Same here! 我也同样,我同意
"I prefer tea to coffee." "Same here! I find it more refreshing."

37. I shouldn't wonder 我不该惊讶
I shouldn't wonder if Bill fails the exam. He has hardly done any work for it.

38. you mark my words 你牢牢记住我的话
You mark my words. That young man will end up in prison.

39. You took the words right out of my mouth! 我的话让你先说了!用于表达别人抢在你前面说出了你的想法

40. believe you me 相信我的话吧
Believe you me. Mike's house is not worth the price he paid for it.

41. when it comes down to it 关键是……
When it comes down to it I have to find a job this week in order to pay the rent.

42. to put it mildly 说得委婉些,用于你表示礼貌没有用语气强烈的词
To put it mildly, Jack isn't very honest.

43. give it a rest 别说了,别烦了
Give it a rest, Mary. We all know that you had a good holiday but we're tired of hearing about it.

44. just between you and me 只有你知我知,用于希望别人保守秘密
Just between you and me, I think that Peter's business is in financial difficulties.

45. What's got into...? 怎么了?
What's got into Sue? She's been in a very bad mood all day.

46. You've got me there! 你把我难住了!
"How old is Lucy?" "You've got me there! She's older than her husband, but I don't know by how much."

47. That's someone all over! 这就是某人的表现,用于表达某人的行为与你预期一致
That's Pat all over! She's been rude to the other members of the committee and upset them.

48. Rather you than me! 是你不是我!用于表达不想参与别人做的某事
I hear that you are going to take part in the charity marathon. Rather you than me! I couldn't even run a mile!

49. wait for it 等一等,且听我说,用于暗示令人惊讶的事
The winner of the essay prize has just been announced and wait for it! It's Sam and he's a terrible writer!

50. for what it's worth 不论真假,用于表达某个观点只是出于你自己的想法
For what it's worth I have found Pat to be rather dishonest.

51. You and me both! 我们俩一样!用于表达同意某人

52. We've had it! 完蛋了!
We've had it! The teacher's found out that we've been playing truant!

53. take it from me 相信我的话
Take it from me. Anne is not to be trusted.

54. What a thought! 令人讨厌的想法!
"Perhaps your father will marry Sue?" "What a thought! We all dislike her."

55. About time too! 早该如此了!用于抱怨某人迟到或花太多时间做某事
"I've finished digging the garden." "About time too! I thought that you would've finished it yesterday."

56. it beats me 莫名其妙,无法理解
It beats me why Jack stays with the firm. He could get a much better job else where.

57. Come off it! 别骗人了!不礼貌地表达不同意别人的观点
"I hope our team wins today." "Come off it! Three of our best players are injured. We're bound to lose."

58. first things first 重要的事情先来
We've a lot to do this morning, but first things first. Let's open the mail.

59. Why break the habit of a lifetime? 为什么非要打破别人的生活习惯?用于评价别人令人讨厌的习惯
"We all bought John drinks but he left without buying us any." "Why break the habit of a lifetime? John is too mean to buy anyone a drink."

60. Look who is talking! 还说别人呢!怎么不看看自己?

61. I told you so! 我不是跟你说过吗?表示曾经警告过某人不好的事 (=What did I tell you?)
"The heating system doesn't work properly." "I told you so when you rented the flat, but you wouldn't believe me."

62. and that's that 就这样吧,用于表达你已做好决定不会改变,或者某事已经结束 (=and that's it)
I'm not lending you my car and that's that!

63. I've had it up to here with... 我真受不了……
I've had it up to here with this job. I'm going to resign.

64. that's what I call a... 这就是我所谓的,用于表达认为某事不错
That's what I call a good cup of tea.

65. get cracking 赶快 (=get a move on)
Get cracking! That work has to be finished today!

66. you've got to hand it to 你不得不佩服
Meg's not very popular in the firm, but you've got to hand it to her. She's a very good saleswoman.

67. and the rest 不止
"A car like that would cost about $20,000." "And the rest! I'd say nearer $30,000."

68. step on it 加快速度(尤指车的速度)
You'll have to step on it or I'll be late for the interview.

69. I thought as much 果然不出所料

70. Famous last words! 鬼才相信呢!

71. That'll be the day! 不可能!

72. give me (something) any day 还不如给我某物呢,用于表达更喜欢某物
I don't really understand modern art. Give me Monet to Picasso any day!

73. it's not on 根本不可能,用于表达无法接受某事或观点
It's not on! The boss says that we have to work all weekend to get this order out on time.

74. You're telling me! 非常赞同!
"Property seems very expensive here." "You're telling me! We could only afford to buy a very small flat."

75. I could do without... 没有……也能很好,用于强调你不想要或不想参与
I already have more sweaters than I need. I could well do without another one.

76. no buts about it 别再那么多但是了

77. No chance! 不可能!

78. it wasn't my day 真是不顺利的一天

79. You could have fooled me! 别骗我了!

80. There are no two ways about it. 毫无疑问。

81. don't get me wrong 别把我的话理解错误
Don't get me wrong! I think Amy is a very good mother, but she does tend to spoil her children a bit.

82. there again 不过,用于补充之前的话 (=then again)
I want to go somewhere that is warm and sunny. There again I don't want it to be too hot.

83. I've half a mind to 我有点想,用于表达考虑做某事,但还不确定是不要做
I've half a mind to go away for the weekend, but I have some work to finish.

84. I wouldn't put it past someone to 对某人做某事一点也不惊讶
I wouldn't put it past Amy to tell lies to the police to protect her boyfriend.

85. search me 我可不知道
"Why did Jack leave so suddenly?" "Search me! He didn't say."

86. that comes as no surprise 毫不意外,不出所料

87. before you know it 很快就会发生,经常用来安慰别人
It's unfortunate that you have hurt your leg but you'll be walking on it again before you know it.

88. I'm not a great one for... 在某方面我不在行或不喜欢
I'm not a great one for beach holidays.

89. with a bit of luck 如果运气好的话
With a bit of luck we'll find a cheap hotel down by the beach.

90. there you go 好了,给你

91. there's no time like the present 最好现在就办
"I really should tidy my bedroom." "There's no time like the present. I'll help you."

92. that makes two of us 我也一样
"I've got a bad cold." "That makes two of us. I've been coughing and sneezing all morning."

93. What I'd give for... 我太想要……!
It's so hot. What I'd give for a cold drink!

94. Give me a break! 让我休息一会儿!拜托!用于表达希望别人停止对你的批评或不再烦你,也可作为回答应对愚蠢的建议或评论
"You're very slow! That work should have been finished yesterday." "Give me a break! This is a very difficult project."

95. Count me in! 算上我!

96. right enough 确实,没错

97. He'll be lucky! 他恐怕没那么好的运气吧!

98. Is it just me? 只有我这样吗?
Is it just me or is there a smell of burning in here?

99. the thing is 问题是,原因在于,用于引入解释
I couldn't get here in time for the meeting. The thing is I had a dental appointment.

100. Ask me another! 别问我这个问题!(=Don't ask me!)

101. there's no hurry 不着急

102. on second thoughts 经重新考虑,继而一想
I'll go by bus. No, on second thoughts I'll take the train. It'll be quicker.

103. I suppose so 我想是,用于表达不情愿地同意某人
"Will it be all right if I borrow your car?" "I suppose so, but be careful with it."

104. that's what you think 只有你才这么想,用于告诉别人其想法是错误的

105. all in good time 来得及
"We haven't sent out the party invitations yet." "All in good time. The party's not until next month."

106. I couldn't care less 我才不关心
I couldn't care less whether John comes to the party or not.

107. It's just that 事情是这样的,用于给出解释
I'd like to go to the wedding. It's just that I have to work that day.

108. Suit yourself! 随你的便!用于生气地告诉某人想做什么就做什么
Suit yourself! You can stay longer at the party if you like, but I'm going home now!

109. I know for a fact 我肯定的是,用于强调你的肯定
I know for a fact that Jim was lying when he said that.

110. Right you are! 正确!好的!用于表达同意或遵从
"We would like two black coffees, please." "Right you are!"

111. of all people 在所有人当中偏偏……
It is shocking that the child's mother, of all people, has treated him so badly.

112. I couldn't very well 不便于,用于表达做某事不合适、不公平
I had to ask her to dance. I couldn't very well leave her standing there on her own.

113. Fair enough! 合情合理!有道理!
"You can stay in my flat while I'm away if you look after my cats." "Fair enough!"

114. That's fine by me! 我无所谓!(=That's OK with me!)

115. wait and see 等着瞧,拭目以待

116. that's no good 这个可不好

117. Some hope! 希望渺茫!
"Bill should be here soon." "Some hope! Bill is always last to arrive."

118. speaking of 提及 (=talking of)
I hear that Jim won the golf competition. Speaking of Jim, I haven't seen him for a long time.

119. No fear! 绝不!
"Are you going sailing this afternoon?" "No fear! There's going to be a storm."

120. it serves you right 自作自受,活该
I hear that Lucy has left you. It serves you right because you always treated her so badly.

121. don't bank on it 不要相信某事
Jim said that he'd help us move house, but don't bank on it! He's not very reliable.

122. I'm out of here! 我得走了!

123. now then 好吧,那么,用于引起别人注意
Now then, who is responsible for this mess?

124. for once 就这一次,用于表达某事本该经常发生,却偶尔才出现
We were hoping that the train would be on time for once.

125. it's just as well 倒也不错,幸好
It's just as well that you didn't come to the meeting because it was cancelled.

126. it's no bother 一点也不麻烦,用于表达乐意帮助某人

127. Don't you dare! 你敢!用于制止别人做某事 (=Just you dare!)
"I'm going to tell mum that you were late for school today." "Don't you dare!"

128. Touch wood! 但愿能交好运!用于表达你在某方面一直很幸运,希望能继续
Touch wood! I've never been unemployed.

129. it's a deal 一言为定
"Will you accept $1000 for the car if I pay you in cash?" "It's a deal!"

130. beat it 走开,用于不礼貌地表达让某人马上离开
Beat it or I'll call the police!

131. Mind your own business! 管好你自己的事!不关你的事!(=It's none of your business.)

132. Fingers crossed! 祝我好运吧!

133. Here goes! 开始吧!用于开始做一件冒险、重要或激动人心的事
Here goes! I've never ridden a motorbike before and I'm a bit nervous.

134. do the trick 费力把事做成
The baby wouldn't sleep but I sang her a lullaby and that did the trick.

135. having said that 但是话说回来,用于补充所说的话,使其不那么强硬
I don't like Jane's new boyfriend very much but, having said that, I notice that he treats her very well.

136. I don't think much of 我不太喜欢

137. there's nothing to it 轻而易举的事
I can teach you to use the computer. There's nothing to it.

138. with all due respect 恕我直言,用于正式场合表达不赞同某人观点
With all due respect, I think that your statement is not quite accurate.

139. You bet! 肯定的!当然!
"Enjoy tonight's party!" "You bet I will!"

140. any day now 很快
"When is Anne's baby due?" "Any day now."

141. I'll leave you to it 那我走了,不添麻烦了

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